The mobilisation of the necessary resources for effective research, innovation and knowledge transfer proves difficult for any one institution in an increasingly difficult environment; collaboration between institutions with common interests and problems is encouraged. CARIMA comes in as that catalyst to encourage and build networks for the exchange of ideas and best practices in research, innovation management and knowledge transfer in the Central Africa region.



As part of the Global Research Management Network, CARIMA will be the premier organization in the Central Africa region for promoting best practices in the management, administration, and support of research and innovation, to stimulate the translation of research results into policies, practices, and products that will facilitate sustainable socio-economic development.



To support systematic improvement in the effectiveness of research and innovation management systems, structures, and processes in regional research & innovation institutions through effective networking.



· Professional development and capacity building

· Identifying, establishing and promoting best practices in research management, innovation, knowledge transfer and intellectual property education & management

· Increasing awareness of research and innovation issues in academic and public fora at the local, national and regional levels

· Advocacy of appropriate national and institutional policy in support of research and innovation and participation in the development and testing of policy

· Advancement of science, technology and innovation, including addressing the asymmetries in access to, and diffusion of, knowledge between 'North and 'South'

· The advancement of a code of professional standards through a framework of values and principles which members are expected to follow

· The enhancement of the profile of the profession

· To encourage innovation and development in the region

· Create an enabling climate at both national and local levels, within both the government and private sectors, which is conducive to research and the particular requirements associated with research, especially applied and contract research

·  Influence national and regional policies that will foster the regional sustainable development agendas of CEMAC member states and beyond.